Solidarity gives first preference in the project to the problems of the landless and the homeless. Majority of the inhabitants are eitherlandless or homeless. They live in small rooms for rent or lease. They are forced to change home every 11 months. Due to the scarcity of space one, two or even three generations are found to stay in a single room. The education of children is the worst casualty under these circumstances. Men spent most of their time in streets. Solidarity intends to solve this problem by forcing the government to address the issue. For the purpose organizations of the landless and the homeless will be formed centered around each slum. Steps including judicial process will be attempted to ensure that the problems of the members of these organizations are solved. Along with this as part of the project houses and huts will be constructed for those without land or house. Efforts in this direction have already begun. Motto is "Your money, our toil a house for the poor". Housing colony outside Kochi, Apartment complexes inside Kochi, Co-operative housing, small huts likewise six different schemes has been envisioned. The issue of the scarcity of land can be solved to a certain extend by building apartment complexes as in Bangalore and Surat. Our schemes are expected to be model projects that could be emulated even by the Government. Co-operative housing model envisages housing projects that will result in a good house for the existing owner and an additional one for another.