Solidarity Youth Movement has initiated and completed various large scale projects which may be categorized as piloting or otherwise. Some of them are periodic and annual while there are long term projects also. Some of the major projects of Solidarity Youth Movement include the Community Development Projects. These have been implemented in various regions such as Marad, Nathunippadam, South Marippuram, Karimadam colony, etc. These regions are those victimized by communal riots, exploitation by mining companies or land mafias, underdevelopment due to homelessness and poverty, or those resided by people who have been victims of social and communal violence. These projects include an entire package of works required for the complete development of a community such as construction of houses, schools, public water distribution system, hospitals, provision of basic requirements for sustenance, financial aid, self-employment sources, etc. Another major project implemented by the Solidarity Youth Movement is the Sunrise Kochi (an abbreviation for Solidarity’s Urban Neighborhood Rebuilding Initiative for Social Empowerment), which is a slum rehabilitation venture. This project aims at bringing to notice of the government, the neglect, backwardness and underdevelopment of West Kochi which comprises of Fort Kochi, Mattanchery, Kochangadi and Palluruthy. Sunrise Kochi focuses on the following areas for the development and eradication of the backwardness of West Kochi